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ids The next morning, after breakfast, the farmer had an ingenious proposition to make to M. du Roy. If the railroad would build one of the main lines, half-a-mile from their chateau, straight to the cemetery, its construction company would agree to remove the bodies in due course of time, and deliver them in carts to the estate. “I’ve often thought of it,” said the count, “and I always said: ‘If the landowner agrees, we’ll leave them there.’ It would be a great business for your construction company.” The distance between the cemetery and the railroad, the farmer pointed out, was only a hundred yards, and so it would be a simple matter to join the two buildings by a wooden footbridge; for all the railroad was concerned, it was really a small matter. And the cemetery on the estate would be a big attraction to the public. The count began to shrug his shoulders and turn pale. And he was forced to acknowledge that this proposition was worthy of consideration. “Still,” he added, “how could we possibly consent to such a thing?” “That is easily explained,” said the farmer; “it would only be for a year or two at most. In the autumn the railwaymen would get the job done, and the next spring they would bring in the carts. Then you would have them for your own and keep them until you no longer wanted them.” “But the families might not want to have their dead buried in a cemetery with a railroad at the entrance!” “But they would have to. They wouldn’t be able to build cemeteries away from the track, for they’d get run over by trains. The cemetery would be the only one in the region, and they couldn’t get any others built.” “That is true,” said the count. “But it is a deuced awkward business.” “Just a small matter of a hundred yards. The bodies wouldn’t be so very far away, and it wouldn’t be so very high either, since the road would follow the road in front of the chateau. We should only make the workmen build the bridge, and then they’d not have




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Descargar Volkswagen Dvd Navigation V9 Europe Mfd2 Torrent reehand
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