Company Overview

The company was founded by visionary and CEO, Kenny E. Lloyd, who is on a mission to change lives by helping individuals earn an additional income all while living a healthy and active lifestyle.

The name Tava translates into English as Ark. Tava was designed to be a vehicle that people can leverage during their personal storms, physical and financial storms. It is a vessel and culture designed to be a safe-haven and place of peace and restoration while people move to their new destinations.

Tava’s mission is to provide a safe and fair environment for people to exercise their gifts and talents with the goal of creating a better life for themselves and their families.

Opportunity Awaits

Join the thousands who have already taken control of your financial journey. Learn more about boarding the ARK to a new level of success through the TAVA opportunity. 




TAVA offers ground-breaking nutritional products that are distributed exclusively through independent product distributors.